Explore Different Video Games

Why do people enjoy playing video games and what makes them keep playing them? Video games were once seen as something that only kids should be playing but with the increase in video games that have certain adult content and themes, more and more people are being drawn to them. Video games are now being played by people from ages 3 to 93 and while they do play different kinds of games, they still are classified as such, video games.

There are a lot of different types of video games and people often prefer one type over another, although there are people who do play two or more of these different kinds of video game machines. There are console games and there are PC games. There are also portable video games and there are arcade ones too. The differences in these games come in the way a person can play them.

Console video games are those that you can play with the use of a gaming CD, a gaming machine that can read that CD and controllers that can control the game. This type of video game machine uses your TV as its screen. PC or personal computer games are games that one can play on a personal computer. Whether or not a game is online or offline, as long as the game is on a personal computer, it is a PC game. It can be played with the use of a combination of the mouse and keyboard or with the use of special external controllers like joysticks and the like.

Portable video game machines are similar to consoles but are made in the smaller, portable sizes. Arcade video game machines are those machines that you feed tokens or coins and let you play just the one game it has on it in video arcades and gaming areas in malls everywhere.